“A room is not a room without natural light.”

– Louis Kahn

Owner Gateways has completed over two years of industry research, business planning and intellectual property development in order to deliver a revolutionary new product to the residential construction marketplace. Our unique business model is also unlike anything currently available within the industry, anywhere in the world.

For over 100 years, the garage has not been afforded much consideration, nor investment when compared to any other space within the home. The Owner Gateways patent pending “architectural design process” is a very efficient, standardized method for creating an aesthetically pleasing design and a much more functional space.

Our business model is based on the principals of Product Licensing, meaning that our Architect, Manufacturer and Builder business partners have zero financial obligation unless an Owner Gateway is designed, built and the home sale has been funded. Our licensing fees are minimal and can be funded at closing or within 30 days of closing, depending on your type of business.

$0 up front fees, $0 monthly reoccurring fees, an easy on-boarding process and a no risk opportunity make the decision to become a business partner with Owner Gateways very easy. Please join with us.

“I believe that Owner Gateways will transform a segment of the residential marketplace.”

– Matthew Jensen, President of Jensen Contracting

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