“That’s what you have to find in architecture. You have to find your signature. When you do find it, you are the only expert on it.”

– Frank Gehry, AIA

Creating an innovative, ground breaking new design or product is not an easy task. In some cases it requires a new way of thinking or a fresh set of eyes to get around common human biases like ‘that’s how its always been done’ or ‘adhering to the status quo’. The creative process can be difficult and time consuming but also very rewarding.

The management team at Owner Gateways has benefited from a fresh look at the residential architecture and construction marketplace and prior experience with product licensing on a national level. Every industry benefits from innovative designs and products but there are many obstacles to overcome before those creations can become commercially successful. Owner Gateways is no exception.

In late 2019, version 1.0 of the Owner Gateways Business Plan was created. Since that time there have been many revisions to the plan but the overall design concept has never changed, not one bit. It’s a design that is worthy of being used as the primary entryway for home owners.

The key element of our design thinking was that a garage is a “hybrid” space, meaning that it is not considered indoor space nor is it considered outdoor space. It is unlike any other space in a residential structure. With that in mind, it became clear that specific architectural design elements from the exterior and the interior of the home should be blended together within the space. The result of this design process is a space that is not only visually appealing and much more functional but it perfectly resembles the entirety of the home. This is innovative and groundbreaking.

The next objective was to determine the most effective strategy to protect our intellectual property from infringement. In early 2022, the IP team at Marks Gray, P.A. began the process of evaluating every aspect of our invention in order to determine the best legal tools to protect Owner Gateways and its business clients. Based on those efforts, numerous Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks have been submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the U.S. Copyright Office. These legal protections will allow Architects, Builders, Manufacturers and Home Buyers to benefit from the Owner Gateways design.

"The potential business opportunities with Owner Gateways are staggering."

– Branan Ward, President of Ward Design Group

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